Dahab Holidays

Dahab Restaurant Guide

LAGOON AREA - 3 minutes walk from the apartment

- The Swiss Inn - has a good lunch menu (pasta, pizza, salads, burgers). Lovely buffet breakfast also. Swiss night on a Thursday (Raclette cheese).
- Tirana Resort - Good pizza.

MASBAT is the local town (3kms away, and €1 each way). You will find many great restaurants here. You can take your own beer/wine into all restaurants, which saves a lot of money on holiday.

Below are our favourites.

- Ralph’s German Bakery - Fabulous croissants, danish pasties, nut rolls, poppy seed rolls, cheesy bread. Baguettes and whole/multigrain.
- Vegan Lab - Fabulous pancakes, waffles and healthy juice.
- Food Urge - Many breakfast options by the sea (Egyptian, shakshuka, pancakes).

- Dai Pescatori - Great pizza, pasta, fish, beef and fish carpaccio, tiramisu, sitting on the beach by the sea.
- Lakbatita - Pizza, homemade pasta, steak, fish by the seafront.

- Namaste – Superb Indian food. They also do home delivery.  Our favourite food in town. Great chicken tikka massala, biryani, dahl, paneer, naan bread.

*STEAK (right on the seafront)
- Lindy’s – The best steak in town currently and large selection of other food on the menu like stroganoff, shrimps, pasta and curry.

- King chicken - Grilled chicken meals. Great lamb and kofta served with salad, bread and tahina.

*RUSSIAN and international
- Red Cat –A real favourite for many people. Fabulous soup and fish (also lamb to preorder). Great beef strogonoff, pirogi, borscht, pies, pizza and calzone. Healthy and tasty salads.

- Vegan Lab - Pancakes, waffles, burgers and salads. Perfect lunches and breakfasts for non - vegans also. Love the lentil and black bean burgers.

- Marine Garden Camp and the Beehive (but we didn't try them yet!).

*International menu (right on the seafront)
- Sharks – Great fish & meat platters, vegetarian options also very good. Superb service. Complimentary dips, hot bread and tea.
- Ali Baba – Great shrimps and lamb, good steak.

- Jackies - Serving nachos, quesadillas, tacos, burgers, fresh juices.

- The Kitchen - Serving spring rolls, thai & chinese noodle dishes, sweet & sour chicken, black bean sauce.
- Box meal - Lovely noodles, nasi goring, black pepper beef, teriyaki chicken, sweet & sour chicken.

*BURGERS / snacks
- Blue Beach Restaurant – Bar style food, burgers, stroganoff and snacks.
- Laziz burgers - Best burgers in town! Fresh ingredients using Ralph’s German bakery buns.