Dahab Holidays

Diving in Dahab

Dahab is South Sinai's most treasured dive location. There are many great dive sites from the famous Blue Hole and Canyon, to coral and eel gardens. Trips also available by camel or boat to remote dive sites in the National park, for an amazing untouched experience. Avoid the crowds of Sharm and experience beautiful quiet reef's. Most of the diving is shore based making access to the reef easy. Day trips to the Thistlegorm (128 metre British Merchant Navy Ship which sank in 1941) and Ras Mohamed National park also available from Dahab. We have explored most of the sites in Dahab so can recommend the best places to dive.

There are lots of great snorkeling sites in the Lagoon or just behind the sand spit (Napoleon reef), and there are boat trips available from Dahab beach to the three pools which is just a little further South. Snorkel trips to the Blue Hole can also be arranged. Glass bottom boats trips allow you to see the magical underwater world without even getting wet! Snorkel hire is €5 per day.

The Red Sea was famed by Jacques Cousteau in the 1960's where he once said "The Red Sea is a corridor of marvels - the happiest hours of my diving experience have been spent there". This is still true today especially in Dahab where the pace of life is still slow.

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Dive Sites

Canyon Blue Hole Mooray Eel El Bells

Blue Hole - The Blue Hole is famous due to a 25 metre wide circular crater reaching depths of over 100 metres. The best way to enjoy this dive site is by doing a drift dive starting at El Bells (photo above right) and finishing the dive in the hole itself. El Bells is a half open chimney that reaches a depth of 30 metres and has an arch at 26 metres. It is vertical and in part overhanging with a rich growth of black coral, elephant ear sponges and sea fans. Yellowfin Tuna, Orangespotted Trevallies, schools of Red Sea Fusiliers, and the resident Napoleon Wrasses can be spotted here. The saddle which allows the entrance to the inside of the Blue Hole is only 7 meters deep. Here you will find a beautiful coral garden teeming of life.

The Canyon - The Canyon was created by ancient volcanic activity. The huge fissure is now home to hard and soft corals. There are a large range of reef fish here, including Pufferfish, Snappers, Lyretail and Coral Grouper, Basslets and Red Sea Anthias. The entry to the Canyon is at 22 metres. The light effect caused by the sun is amazing and can be seen in the photo above. To the right of the canyon (as you enter) is the beautiful coral garden which is definitely worth a visit.

Eel Garden - This dive site is named after the huge population of Garden Eels. These small creatures sway in the gentle current and stretch for food particles passing by. The reef slope has got an excellent selection of coral growth with both stony and soft species. You can also see Lionfish, Damsels, Parrots, Groupers, Scorpion fishes and plenty of Sand Gobies.